AM i Pilates – (Low) (??)

Brings to you an understanding of postural awareness, building core strength through your abdominal muscles. All abilities


AM i Kettlebell Strength – (Moderate – High) (CS)

Combining low level running with body weight compound movements, for a total body workout. You should have a minimum of 30 mins very low level jogging ability.


AM i Pace Walking – (Low – Moderate) (??)

10 miles of fast walking with some VERY low level jogging. Minimum ability of sustained fast walking


AM i Distance Walking – (Low) (??)

Increasing from 12 miles, this is walking for health. Slow walking speed over a long distance will build stamina and strength. Walk as long as you want to!


AM i Just a Mother (30 mins)– (Low – High) (CS)

Ability level – Basic – Parent and baby session – New parents realise the importance of their own health, this session uses basic compound movements, bodyweight and a few pieces of equipment ……. to get a full body workout, in a small group (5 max), and over a short duration 30 minutes.


AM i BL Run Club (45 mins) – (Low – High) (CS)

The running club is aimed at all level runners, training for life, a marathon or a fun run. This is geared towards improving your running ability via different forms of focused training.


AM i Connected G1A# (90 mins)– (Low – High) (CS)

Foundation sessions covering an 8 week period, relating to Wellness topics – Covering basic areas to help improve an individuals physical and mental wellbeing, by modifying their behaviour patterns.

The sessions are set for small groups of 5 people max, and will require individuls to exercise (within a persons limits) and change their nutritional habits for the duration of the course.

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